Struggling is Just an Illusion

Let us face it, the all-time greats in our world, such as Albert Einstein, Kobe Bryant and a handful of many other successors have all been through it. The struggle to prove everyone wrong, the faith in themselves to push through the limit and skyrocket to incredible achievement. This incredible achievement overshadows the struggle and intense problems these famous successors went through their past, mostly due to other workers in the same field envying them for their achievement. Truth is, these people only succeed off the back of learning and experiencing their struggles. We should not envy their achievements, but instead acknowledge their courage and motivation by putting themselves in a struggle, knowing it is the only way to truly succeed. It doesn’t matter how talented you are on a certain subject. If you want to become your dreams, look up to the successors of our earth and how they compliment with their negativity when they are held tight by their issues.

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Do not fear if you get yourself stuck in the same position, you should be grateful for your opportunities to embrace yourself into your problems and tackle them head-on. Have a sense of clarity and find a way to analyze what you can learn from a hardship.  Try focusing on the opportunity, the time to shine. Every single time you take a step forward, you will become complacent. This just means a sign of success, telling you to continue on towards your goals. The further you go into your dreams, the more development you gain as a person, from an increase in skill and personality. Never think about quitting, it is just your sign of being afraid. If you never at least try to pursue your dreams, you will never know how the difficult pathway was like, and you will miss your shot to go forward to your dream. So tell me, what do you believe your goal is in life? And if you believe in yourself, there is no doubt that you can achieve a goal, no matter the path it takes. And if you find yourself struggling, remember it as an illusion of blocking out the success you are really looking for, and strive for greatness!

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One thought on “Struggling is Just an Illusion

  1. Struggling for me is a reflection of being human. As you say all the greats encounter challenge and difficult along the path. Reframing as an illusion is fine but let’s remember that anything worthwhile and of value requires consistent effort, hard work and dedication – all of which can be uncomfortable. The problem for me is that sometimes people don’t see the process of achievement (which is hard) they just see the results (which look attractive). Thought provoking post. Thanks

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