5 Ways to Enjoy Your Stay at Niagara Falls

Have you ever wanted a beautiful scenery just beside you on your vacation? Well, it’s probably why you’re here reading this article of mine. If anything, you have made the right choice for a quick, yet relaxing vacation. But when you get to your desires in Niagara, what can you do? There are boxes full of activities you can do. taking out your camera to enjoy and capture the sights is just the surface of the many activities within the falls. When you start to open up, activities like dining, boat tours, fireworks and hotel activities can spice up your trip to the fullest of enjoyment, so are we ready to enjoy the falls? Let’s get started.

1. Photography

Take your cameras and set a capture of dreams by the falls! Photography is one of the most important aspects of falls. Every evening, thousands of people come by to stellar pictures by the falls. Take one with your friends or your family to have a memory slotted within your camera (no pun intended). The satisfying shape and fog of the falls are insanely irresistible and a visitor must be doing something wrong if they don’t have a picture of this aesthetically stunning waterfall. There are even some people walking around that can help you with taking photos as well, so don’t be shy and ask for a person to take a photo for you and the others with you. If you need a camera for this stunning moment, click here to get cameras on Amazon if interested.


2. Boat Tours 

After taking pictures for about an hour or two, you usually should be satisfied with a few pictures to keep as memories or to post on your social media accounts. Even with all your amazing pictures, you may not have the satisfaction of the falls just yet. If you want to go deeper into the falls, take some time to buy a ticket for an all-out boat tour across the falls! In the experience of the tour, you can take even more pictures, feel the breeze of the falls and the icy splashes of the water on deck. Make sure to bring a rain jacket of some kind with you so you don’t freeze to oblivion. Boat tour tickets can be found here.

3. Enjoying Dinner 

It’s the evening, and you don’t know where to crave for dinner. If you are struggling to find a place to eat, the safest option is to go sky high in the Embassy Suites Hotel. Upon arrival, the elegant Keg steakhouse is waiting for you and your rumbling tummies. The Niagara Falls Courtyard Keg is one of the easiest options to dine on for your trip to the falls. Enjoy your tender dinner with a wide view of the falls for everyone to see. The Keg has it all, ranging from savory appetizers, perfectly cooked steaks and frosty desserts to end it all off. The waiters, cooks, and staff are all incredibly professional and they will even comfort you more on your stay at The Keg. For more information on booking, you can check out here to start booking.

Image result for keg steakhouse niagara falls courtyard

4. Getting the Right Hotel

Speaking of hotels, the Hilton Suites within Niagara is one of the best hotels to stay in and book for the price. They have quality rooms, service and an amazing view of the spectacular falls. Hilton is also the best location because it is closest to most of the better restaurants and is not too far from the falls. The area also has a multitude of arcades and a nearby casino for the older ages. Hilton hotels will even help customers out if they have any lost items they want to retrieve from their rooms if forgotten after the checkout. For more information about booking your room, click here.

Image result for hilton suites niagara falls

5. The Beauty of the Falls at Night 

Before we end our trip off, we can’t forget about all the beautiful fireworks and lights at the falls during nighttime. The fireworks are a great way for you to end your trip off here in Niagara. The fireworks range from last June on the 18 to next September 3rd. The lights also turn on at the falls, which make for a beautiful experience on top to pair with the fireworks. The fireworks usually start at 10 PM, while the lights schedule can be found here. Make sure you check them out to top off your trip at Niagara and don’t miss your chance before they go out.

Image result for lights at niagara falls

Did you enjoy your read at Niagara? From the beauty of your dinner to the shimmering shines of the falls, Niagara Falls has it all. Onto taking the finest of pictures and the wild ride of the falls, you have experienced a multitude of appreciation for this one globally accepted waterfall. So get your trip started today at the falls now knowing what to do.

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