Taking a Walk Outside

During my time off, I like to spend some of my given time towards walking around my neighborhood. It’s like a quick breather, a time of my day where I can take a step away from my house and enjoy the outdoors. The sounds of the harmless lake ripples and the easy breeze of the wind are just satisfying to the human senses, especially mine. I can laze all day towards the hustling of the peculiar animals and the rattles of the gleaming treetops. You might think to yourself “Why should I even consider going outside?”. Well, the truth is, If you work the nine to five job every single day or have an issue with your frustration and agony towards school, take some time to relax and freshen your mind. By escaping your workplace or house, you can back off and put your mind into a deep, calm sensation filled with clarity. It’s definitely something I recommend trying out. For my outdoor walks, I like to get some music and listen to a type of calm music style called chill-hop. Taking a walk outside even gives you the opportunity to help others out. If you see a screaming child on the floor with his broken ankle crammed up in his body, take some time to help him out a bit. In my opinion, the best way to relax your mind and to take all the pressure out of your body is to just go outside for a walk and release all the stress by putting your mind into the wildlife, the sounds of nature and helping others in need.walking-workout-outside-1000-1024x651

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